&&&[Begin Chapter 3.]


        Given Jadeite's defeat and what would happen to him if that
happened too often, one would think that he would change his
tactics, go for more subtle ways of accomplishing his goals. But,
knowing Jadeite...

        "Yes, Queen Beryl," Jadeite said, bowing before her, "I have
set in motion a plan that is sure to work."

        "Continue, Jedite," Queen Beryl said. Jadeite winced at how
badly she pronounced his name.

        "Anyway, I've decided to step up my work. I had planned to
save this for later, but-"

        "What is it, Jedite?" Beryl snapped.

        Jadeite winced again. "You've rejected all my plans so far,
so I've decided to forget the whole thing and settle for using
computers to drain little schoolgirls," he said dejectedly.

        Beryl considered it. "Excellent idea, Jedite."

        Jadeite sighed and disappeared.


        Terra had gotten up on time today and hadn't needed to make
a spectacle of herself running to class. Serena, on the other
hand, was a few minutes late. However, since this is an NA based
continuity, she was only marked tardy, and not forced to stand
outside holding buckets of water. Though she may wish she had,
considering that there was a test that she hadn't studied for this
particular day.

        "Not another one!" Serena whined.

        "Yes, another one," Ms. Haruna said. "By the way, we have a
new student: Amy Anderson."


        Outside, a cat on the window sill sensed something.

        "She could be from the Negaverse," Luna said.

        "Oh, could be, could be. Either that or somethin' else,"
Arby said.

        "Oh? Such as?" Luna asked.

        "A princess from Mercury, maybe..." Arby considered.

        "You're saying that we've found another Sailor Scout?" Luna
asked, almost remembering something.

        "Or a Senshi, a Soldier, or if we're very lucky, a Sailor
Commando," Arby replied.

        "Sailor Commando?! Where do you get these things?" Luna
asked incredulously.

        "Mail orda' catalog."

        "I should have known," Luna said, rolling her eyes.

        "So, 'ow did that lil' red'ead sneut get'a be a princess?"
Arby asked out of a concentration excercise, balancing on his head.

        "Terra...? I... don't really remember. I seem to have lost
quite a bit of memory from-(WHAM!)" Luna said, breaking off when Arby
clocked her on the head with a Heavy, Blunt Object(TM). "Ouch! What
was that for?!"

        It was a good thing that everyone inside was concentrating on
a test,  or they'd be amused by the sight. We can't have that, now,
can we? It simply wouldn't be proper!

        "It's me patented boppem-on-the-head mem'ry inducer," Arby
said cheerfully. "Did it work?"

        Luna began to shake her head at this until memories actually
began to flow back into her active mind.

        "It looks like it..." Luna said, becoming absorbed into the
memory, relating the events that she remembered.

        In any case, she was glad to be talking about something other
than Arby's not-so-latent mushroom obsession.


        "It knew exactly where to hit us," Luna said, pointing out
the horrendous damage the attack had dealt to Pluto and Saturn,
rendering the Senshi from those worlds unable to help when the
battle came to the Moon.

        All of the outer Senshi except for Saturn were visiting Pluto
at the time. Saturn did not survive the assault. Luna had taken
temporary command of the situation.

        "We still managed to stop it," Artemis said.

        Luna stared at Artemis incredulously. "Barely!" she said.
"Aside from the combined fleets of the solar system being totally
wiped out, all the Senshi were incapacitated! It will be weeks before
they, OR Queen Serenity will be able to *stand*, much less defend
anything! We're wide open for anything that chooses to attack us

        "First Advisor Luna, we know all this, but what are you
suggesting we do about it?" a high ranking military officer asked.
There were signs of agreement from around the room.

        "Well, what has been done to the girl?" Luna asked. During
the aftermath of the attack, the former beast had become known
simply as, "the girl."

        "Incarceration. She's under our best lockdown, anti-magic
warded, etc. We're not taking ANY chances on this one. For all we
know, she summoned that demon and turned herself into it. It's
been known to happen," one person said.

        "She could have been transformed against her will," another

        "By who?"

        "I'll bet it was those pirates on Nemesis!"

        "No! It's the Earthlings. I know a queen of a smaller
province that practices demonology."

        "Beryl?! She's harmless! I've met her. She can't even pronounce
my name right!"

        "Who was it, then?"

        "It was probably someone from outside the Solar System..."

        "AHEM!" Luna cleared her throat, silencing the discussion.
"Has anyone tried to ask *her* what exactly happened?"

        "No. She hasn't regained consciousness yet."

        "Have we tried telepathic contact yet?" Luna asked.

        "No. All our telepaths have been far too busy treating

        "Can we call one of them up?" Luna asked.

        "No. This shell-shock is really bad. REALLY bad. The only
reason you're not working on it is that you're needed to coordinate
this," Artemis said.

        "Are things *that* bad?" Luna asked.

        "Oh yeah! I've taken a look around. It's not pretty," Artemis

        "Then it's up to me, it seems. Perhaps then we can find out
exactly what caused this, and if we can expect another attack..."
Luna said.


        <Can you hear me?> Luna sent through the telepathic link she

        There was no response. The entire mind seemed quiet. Luna
decided to go for a deeper, more complex link.

        The mental imagery opened to the scene of a battlefield.
This was no simple ground battle. It was filled with destroyed
machinery, and the sky was full of broken, metallic structures.
It was dark. The battle seemed to be over. This mind was REALLY bad
off. There seemed to be no survivors.

        Luna applied a mental healing ability on the scene, in hopes
of getting *anything.*

        Then, a lone, broken figure of indeterminate shape rose
from the ashes of the battlefield and shambled toward Luna's mental
location. It stopped a short distance away.

        <This... I... am... sorry...> it managed to force out in a
soft, dry voice. Luna didn't know exactly how to interpret this,
but it seemed to be an apology, but it wasn't clear exactly for

        <What do you mean?> Luna asked. The dark figure moved to a
side of a cliff and pointed into the distance. Scenes of the
surprise attacks on Pluto, the battle with Sailor Saturn, the
decimation of the fleet, and the fight on the Moon were shown in a
first person view.

        <Not... mean.. to.. I.. did.. not.. understand.. why...> it
tried to force out. It looked extremely downtrodden, and wasn't
going to last long. Luna was unable to tell whether it was trying
to apologize for something it did or didn't do, but that it WAS
trying to make reparations of some sort.

        <Will it happen again? Will there be any more attacks?> Luna
asked. A scene of a few smaller ships launching from deep within
Jupiter and moving toward the Moon flashed by.

        <Yes... pre..programmed. Cannot... stop,> it said, crumbling.
Luna felt a sense of foreboding.

        <When?> Luna asked.

        <Three.. days..> It managed to say before collapsing into a
black ash.

        Luna looked around to notice that the entire area was

        Luna instantly applied her mental healing ability, slowing,
and finally stopping the fade. She tried, but was unable to do
more. Not being able to get any more information, or help any
farther, she took a final look around and closed the link.


        Soon after Luna left to get whatever defense could be made
arranged, the girl's mind instinctively copied Luna's psychic
repair. Though under extreme anti-magic warding, she was able to
apply it internally, although it went very slowly.

        Within a day she was able to comprehend.

        By the second day, she had repaired half the damage and had
reestablished her how and why of existence.

        The next day, she regained consciousness.

        The girl awoke to the sight of the cell. There were two
guards. One left to inform whoever was in charge at the time that
'the girl' was now awake.

        Due to the shock she experienced through the past few days,
she began to talk aloud to herself.

        "The backup fighters will be here in less than an hour!" she
urgently said to herself.

        "Wow! Your mind was totally obliterated and you can still
remember time?" she asked, still seemingly to herself.

        "Yeah, quiet," she replied, annoyed.

        "There is a more pressing matter at hand. You worked the
defensive capabilities over pretty thoroughly on your grand
entrance. Do you think they will be able to handle this on their
own?" the young redhead asked herself seriously.

        "They might be able to take out a few of them, but they'll
be wiped out for certain when the second wave comes in."

        "How many waves are there?!"


        "Perhaps I should take this conversation inside. The guard's
starting to look at me kinda funny."

        "Excellent idea. Mister guard-person-lady-ma'am, or whatever
you are, don't mind me, ask... that one black cat," she said,
pausing as she searched her memory, "Luna why I'm acting like
this. Mental shockwave. Extremely painful. Want to try it? It's

        The guard raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

        "Okay. Don't worry. I'm not trying to break out and wreak
havoc upon the world's inhabitants," the little shackled girl said.
The guard looked shocked. "Betcha didn't think I knew you were
thinking that, didja? Well, it was a lucky guess anyway. I get
that a lot."

        "Or do I?" she asked herself.

        "No, you don't. This would be your first day that you've
been asked anything whatsoever," she replied.

        "The guard's still looking at me funny. I wanted this
conversation mental, remember?"

        "Seems pretty 'mental' to me," she observed.

        "Not that kind of 'mental'!" the apparent nine-year-old yelled
at herself semi-cutely.

        "You know! MENTAL, pretty funny, huh?" she said to the
guard. The guard didn't respond.

        "Anyway, could you excuse me?" she asked the guard. The
guard shrugged in a confused way. The girl's expression became
extremely concentrated. After about a minute of this, she began to
look annoyed.

        She broke out of her arm restraints.

        "Shut up! Shut up! Everyone just SHUT UP!!!" she screamed,
pounding on her head. After a little of this, she noted the guard
in a defensive stance. "Oh, sorry. Internal conflict. I think I
may need to get an overhaul sometime. But anyway, can I speak to
whoever is in charge?"

        The guard continued to look confused, since, for some
reason, the girl's last two lines came out as, "I need my brain
replaced. Could you please get some jumpriey cables and start the
car?" The guard's hard trained years of keeping a calm mind
crumbled under the confusion that almost radiated from the girl.

        "What the?! Kid, I'm trying to guard you here, so can you
stay quiet?!" the guard said in exasperation.

        "Oh, quiet. I can give you quiet. See? I'm being quiet,
aren't I?"

        "Yes, I am, see? I'm quiet. Are you quiet?"

        "Yes, I'm quiet."

        "AAAAAUUUUGGHHHH!!" The guard yelled in confused annoyance,
turning around, accidentally running into the wall...

        *WHAM!!!* HARD. The guard fell unconscious.

        "Told ya. Guards aren't any fun. They fall right over," the
girl said to herself.

        Snapping the remaining restraints and breaking off the anti-
magic wards, she set the guard into a more comfortable position,
took the keys, and walked right out the door.


        "See those?" A commander said to his men, "Here they come!"

        The first wave came in. It consisted of fifteen fighters.
They were black and had a spherical central position with a strut
on either side that connected to vertical, hexagonal panels.

        They made a screaming sound as they came in.

        Ground forces employed small, cannon-like devices. It was
really all they had left after the first attack that had a chance
of stopping these things.

        The fighters broke into five groups of three, going in
different directions, firing small green beams onto the landscape.

        The ground forces fired their cannons, taking half the
fighters from each group on the first volley.

        The fighters exploded on contact with the cannonfire.

        The three remaining "halves" crashed to the ground,
exploding. [Hey, half a tie fighter isn't all that helpful, is

        The shots from the fighters impacted buildings that had been
evacuated in preparation for the battle, knocking in a few walls.

        The cannons went for another round, destroying all but one

        The remaining fighter shifted its target to the ground
forces. It targeted one cannon in particular.

        The cannon fired one shot and missed.

        Green laser fire exploded around the cannon.

        The next shot hit!

        And the crowd goes wild! There was much rejoicing in the land!


        Until, that is, they noticed the second wave. This group was
different. There were six this time, and they were a great deal
worse. They looked almost alive, being spiked on the front and
moving with a sense of determination.

        These also made a screaming sound as they attacked, but it
was not any ordinary scream. It struck terror into even some of
the most hardened troops. They all dove for cover as the ships
opened fire, focusing concentrated beams of purple energy over the
landscape, tearing gouges into the ground. The battle seemed lost.

        The girl stepped out into the open.

        "Okay, so maybe my timing's a little off," she whispered to

        "In any case, it's time to get to work," she told herself.

        "Make it spectacular and they may decide to forgive you,"
she noted.

        "Telepathic Shockwave, ENFLAME!" she called dramatically, her
voice echoing across the landscape as she duplicated the energy that
had previously destroyed her mind, amplifying it with her own energy,
causing the effect to ripple toward the ships.

        The troops looked to her location, following the ripple.

        It touched two of the ships, frying their processors and
causing them to fold up and crumble like dead bugs.

        The other three shifted and faded from view before the
ripple hit them.

        They reappeared in the sky behind the girl. She spun around
to face them.

        "Planetary Magnetic Field, DEFEND!" she called, raising a
shield, absorbing the impact of the purple beams from the ships as
they fired. Analyzing the energy of the weapons, she smiled as she
created her own version, calling out something adapted from
something she'd learned from her encounter with the Sailor Senshi.

        "Stellar Particle Beam, THRASH!" She had determined, from
her knowledge download, that this was how the bigger fights were
to be held. You called out something impressive, and then pounded
the enemy to smitherines. She liked the last part especially.

        The intensified beam hit one of the ships, forcing it to
stop until a hole was drilled neatly through, then it crumbled
like the other two.

        The final vessels swung around for another run.

        "Okay, the last ones. No others?"

        "This is it."

        "Time to impress 'em."

        "Might as well."

yelled, holding out her arms, focusing her energy into a large
sphere, the likes of which would have made a Saya-Jin raise an
eyebrow and cough nervously.

        The girl released the sphere into the sky, tearing into the
ships, leaving no trace of them.

        The blast dissipated just after it destroyed the ships. The
girl seemed almost shocked that it was gone so quickly. She was
also surprised at how weak she felt after throwing it.

        "There (pant) went (pant) the last (pant) of my reserves,"
she said with some regret, panting at the effort.

        "No more casual planet destruction, I guess. Oh well, that
was getting boring, anyway," she said to herself.

        "No it wasn't! I enjoyed it!"

        "Don't go blabbing that around..."

        "Oh well. But... how'd I do?"

        "Not bad... They just might not kill me now."

        "That was fun... How about I take five now? Fine?"


        The girl fell backwards to the ground with a thump.


        "And after that, Terra stayed with the Moon Kingdom, and she
did a couple more amazing things in the next few months. She
apparently had no family, and she was so very well behaved, too.
With that in mind, and some other events that happened, Queen
Serenity decided to adopt her," Luna said then added, "Yes, she
was such a nice girl. Much like she is now..."

        Arby was snoring soundly.

        "Arby? Have you been listening?" Luna asked.

        "Eh? Wot?" Arby said, shaking himself awake.

        "Did you hear anything I said?"

        "Oh, yeah. Terra was a monster, then she wasn't, so she broke
out and blew stuff up, and the Queen loiked explosions, so she
adopted 'er," Arby said.

        Luna shrugged. "Close enough," she said. "But back on the
subject: Amy Anderson. She could be from the Negaverse."

        "I say she's a Sailor Somethin'," Arby said.

        Luna sighed. "She could be, I suppose. We need to tell the
Scouts to keep an eye on her, though."

        "Alroight, we can do that, then," Arby concluded in his usual
European-Irish-English-Scottish accent.


        <YES! I did it! I did it!> Atomic Starlight Knight thought
to himself.

        <Did what?>

        <Expanded the link!>

        <Great! What does it do?> he asked. There was no response.

        <Come on, What does it do?>

        <I... um... don't know.>

        <How do we know if it did anything?>

        <Go watch, I guess..>


        After Terra and Serena were free, Luna and Arby explained
the situation to them. As soon as they got through the explanation,
they had a feeling that something was going on in a classroom...

        "You need to get in, but you need to go unnoticed," Luna
said, then did a backflip. A small pen materialized and fell to the
ground. "This is the Luna Pen." She went on to give instructions on
how to use it.

        "Okay," Serena said. "Disguise Power, change me into.. a
school superintendent!" She changed into a taller woman, wearing
more formal attire. "Cool!"

        "Wait... what do I get, then?" Terra asked Arby in a nice,
suspicious way.

        "Oh, um, let me see..." Arby said, starting to fly, doing a
series of mid-air flips, causing a mushroom to materialize and fall
to the ground. "'Aven't got anything." Luna rolled her eyes. Serena
had already gone inside. Terra looked as happy, as usual.

        "I'm sorry. We don't have anything to give you," Luna said.

        "Wait, I felt something happen while Serena changed," Terra
said, thinking, <It was almost as if I could tell what was going
on with the magic from the pen.> She decided to attempt something.

        "Disguise Power, change me into... something inconspicuous!"
Terra said brightly.


        Serena, still in disguise, barged into the computer room,
followed by Luna.

        "Alright, stop right there!" she said commandingly.

        Several students looked up, while others were too busy
having their energy drained by their computers. [Sound familiar?]

        "Excuse me, can I help you with anything?" Amy asked. The
last of the students collapsed.

        Serena, seeing that Amy was the only one left standing, she
concluded that Amy must have drained the energy.

        "Yes, you can stop your evil ways and return that energy!"
Serena said, "Moon Prism Power!"

        Standard Obligatory Sailor Moon transformation sequence,
Make Up!

        She made her speech...

        "I am Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice! I right wrongs and
triumph over evil, and that means YOU, negascum!"

        I was more or less at that point that the monster of the
week chose to make its appearance...

        The class's teacher morphed into a scary youma-monster thingy,
grabbing Sailor Moon and slamming her to the side. It then went
for Amy, not saying a word.

        The symbol for Mercury glowed on Amy's forehead. Luna saw
it and went over to her.

        "Arby was right!" Luna said in joyful surprise.

        The blue-haired girl looked down at the cat in shock. "Um...
did you just speak?"

        Sailor Moon stood, leaping and kicking out at the approaching
youma, knocking it back slightly. "Hey, I can fight these things,
no problem!"

        The dark-furred cat nodded at Amy. "Yes, I did! And you're
Sailor Mercury!"

        The youma recovered and slashed out at its opponent, who
judiciously decided that dodging and panicking would be the best
course of action. "AAAAH! I take that back!"

        Amy blinked, looking down at the talking cat. "No, actually,
I'm... Amy Anderson. Nice to meet you."

        "Well, nice to meet you, too, but we've got a battle to
win!" Luna said, executing a perfect backflip, causing a small,
pen-shaped device to materialize. "Here, take this!"

        The slightly confused girl picked up the object. "What should
I do with it?"

        Sailor Moon ducked a particularly nasty blow, which cut deeply
into the wall.

        "Say 'Mercury Power!'" Luna told Amy.

        The girl in question shrugged. "Mercury... Power!"

        A blue glow surrounded Amy. Water rippled and formed her
regulation mini-skirted sailor suit. Her skirt and bows were blue.

        Sailor Mercury instantly seemed to know what was going on.
"Mercury Bubbles... BLAST!"

        Mist built up in the area.

        "WHAT?!" the youma shouted, searching for its combatants.

        This gave Sailor Moon time to recover. She stood and began
her attack.

        "Moon Tiara Magic!"

        Poof! Instant youma dust.

        The fog cleared.

        Jadeite appeared.

        "It seems that you are more troublesome than I thought,"
Jadeite said, contemplating the two girls. "Perhaps it would
be best to simply eliminate you here."

        Jadeite held up his hand to toss an energy blast.

        A green blur smashed out of the ventilation duct, grabbing
Jadeite and throwing him through a wall.

        "Starlight Knight?" Sailor Moon began to hope.

        "Oh my," The person dressed in a green ninja outfit said
in a high voice, looking at what they accomplished.

        "Sailor Earth?" Sailor Moon said confusedly.


        Outside, Jadeite prepared to go back in, but was tapped on
the shoulder by someone.

        "Jadeite!" Atomic Starlight Knight said cheerfully, fading

        Jadeite turned around. As soon as he did, a snarl crept onto
his lips. "You..." he said with heavy malice, narrowing his eyes.

        "That's right. Me. You thought I died along with the rest
of the Moon Kingdom, didn't you? Well, I'm baaaack!" A.S.K. said,

        *BLAAAAAM!!!* An energy blast impacted directly into the
black-haired knight's chest armor, knocking him back into, or
rather THROUGH a tree.

        "THAT was for my humiliation in front of the entire solar
system!" Jadeite said, his voice seething with malice as he
advanced for another blow.

        "Hey, that wasn't {UNGH!} supposed to happen!" A.S.K. said,
pushing the tree off of himself. "How was I supposed to know that
you were going to a conference afterwards? I thought you were
going to a party!"

        "So you were going to humiliate me at a PARTY, were you?!"

        *KABLAAAM!* The general blasted his target once more, throwing
him back several yards.

        "Ow! That really hurt, you know," A.S.K. said, standing and
patting down the smoking patches of his armor.

        "Good. But WHY AREN'T YOU DEFENDING YOURSELF?!" Jadeite asked,
wanting more fight into his revenge.

        "That's a good question, you know... LIGHTNING ATTACK!" A.S.K.
shouted, blasting Jadeite with a bolt of lightning. He wasn't phased.
"Stellar Circlet Disintegration!"

        Jadeite caught the circlet, crushing it in his hand. "Is that
the best you can do?!" Jadeite asked.

        "No... But... Oh, alright, you talked me into it... STELLAR


        Jadeite appeared before Queen Beryl, patting down flames
and wiping off the soot from his uniform.

        "Where is the energy, Jedite?" Beryl asked testily.

        "There... have been a few setbacks, my Queen," Jadeite said,
fingering the big, red bruise on his cheek.

        "If these 'setbacks' last much longer, Jedite, I will have
to replace you," Beryl said.

        "NO, Queen Beryl, that will not be necessary," the short-
haired, blonde general said defensively.

        "It had better not be."


        <Jadeite took that blast head on and escaped!> Atomic Starlight
Knight thought to himself in surprise.

        <In the old days, that shot could have taken out the better
portion of a small planet!>

        <Yeah, this seems to be getting to be more of a challenge
than I originally anticipated.>

        <What to do now?>


        <Too weak, I think...>

        <What I really need to do is upgrade Sailor Moon.>

        <...Sailor Moon? What about me?>

        <That IS me, baka!>

        <...Baka? What's that?>

        <Hmph. I'm not talking to you!>

        <AHEM! Back on topic, how does one upgrade a human?>

        <Genetic mutations! LOTS and LOTS of genetic mutations!>

        <Hmm, let me think about that one->


        <Um... Okay, no mutating sweet little girls into nine-foot-
tall powerhouses, so... how about I bring in her Senshi form and
charge that up with 100% pure electricity?>

        <Works for me. Senshi forms upgrade easily... I think. But
don't you have to go through some sort of traumatic, character-
developing situation for that to happen?>

        <Isn't being blasted by a billion volts traumatic?>

        <Good point...>

        <And... now's a good a time as any to do that...>

        <What about the others?>

        <Hey, I've only got ten advanced fusion reactors. There's only
so much I can do with that.>

        <Perhaps later, then...>


        The Sailor Scouts had left the scene of the attack and were
about to de-transform when the Starlight Knight appeared in front
of them.

        "Starlight Knight!" Sailor Moon said joyfully.

        "Yes, Sailor Moon," Starlight Knight said, then turned to
the other Sailor Senshi. "I need to speak to her alone, does
anyone mind?" They shrugged. "Excellent." Then he disappeared, along
with Sailor Moon.

        "What's that about?" Sailor Mercury asked.

        "I haven't the foggiest," Luna said.

        "'Ello! 'Ow are you?" Arby asked, fluttering up to Sailor

        Mercury blinked and rubbed her eyes, just to make sure that
she was seeing what she was seeing. "What... what are you?!"

        A talking cat from an ancient magical kingdom was one thing,
but a talking camouflage-patterned, green, seal-like creature that
fluttered around like a hummingbird was... Well, it was something...
Scary, that is...

        "I'm an ArbyFish!" Arby said proudly. He looked at Mercury.
"What are you? Who do you want? Where are you, here? Why are you

        Sailor Mercury had begun to back off a bit. She blinked at
the questions she had been asked. "I... don't know..."

        "Oh, well, then," Arby said, fluttering up to sit on her
head. He leaned down to look into her eyes. "Ya see, it's loike a
clock..." He leaned back and forth like a pendulum. "Tick tock,
tick tock... Tick, you're a pret'y Senshi, tock... you're a 'am
sandwich. Are you closer to tick, or are ya closa' ta tock?"

        The blue-haired girl blinked. "Er... Closer to tick, I
would hope..."

        Arby nodded. "'Ope... Is all you 'ave." He began to flutter
off. "I actually think you'd look betta' as a 'am sandwich..."

        "What's he talking about?" Mercury whispered to Luna.

        The mooncat shrugged helplessly.


        The tall, black-haired, green-armored knight took a deep
breath and prepared to explain what he had planned on doing. "You
know, Sailor Moon, the interesting thing about the Sailor Senshi-"

        "Scouts," Sailor Moon corrected.

        "...Right, anyway, the interesting thing about them is that
they recharge so quickly. Put a little energy into them, and
they're back up to full in no time. One of the other interesting
things about them is that if you put a LOT of energy into them,
they start being able to handle a great deal more," the Starlight
Knight continued, preparing some electronic equipment.

        "Um, yeah, but what does that have to do with me?" Sailor
Moon asked, wondering why Starlight Knight had brought her here.

        "I'll show you. Please hold onto these. Thank you," S.K.
said, giving Sailor Moon a thick cable in each hand. S.K. moved
over to a very old style switch. "Now, don't be alarmed."

        Sailor Moon looked at the cables in her hands uneasily.
"Um, this isn't going to hurt, is it?"

        "Come to think of it, the equivalent of about eight
trillion volts coursing through your body... It just might!" S.K.
said thoughtfully, throwing the switch.

~One extremely painful electrocution later.~

        "Now, how do you feel?" Starlight Knight asked.

but stopped when she noticed that she didn't really feel that
bad. "Wait... what just happened?"

        "Here, catch," S.K. said, tossing a ball that was labeled
'3 TONS' in deeply chiseled lettering.

        Sailor Moon 'eep'd, but easily caught the ball in one hand.

        "As you see, I've upgraded your abilities as a... Scout,"
S.K. said.

        Sailor Moon was noticing how easily she could move the ball,
then something occurred to her. "Cool... Hey, this isn't some kinda
trick, is it?"

        "No, of course not," S.K. said.

        "How do I know that?" Sailor Moon asked.

        "If you don't believe me, then... Punt me across the room!
Come on, do it, do it!" S.K. said playfully. "You know you want to!"


        "Oh, please? Okay, pretend I just said that your mother
was a hamster, or that your father smelt of elderberries, or
that I just insulted your hairstyle. Yeah! Your hairstyle! MEATBALL

        *WHAM!* Sailor Moon obliged.

        "Nice shot," S.K. said weakly, imbedded half a foot deep into
the steel wall on the opposite side of the room.

        Sailor Moon covered her mouth in shock. "Oh! I'msorryI'msorry

        "Yes, I caN SAfeLY SaY ThaT YouR POWers were upgraded,"
S.K. said, staggering out of the dent he was in. He walked over
to Sailor Moon, who was looking at him, worried if she hurt him.

        S.K. smiled at her. "Come on, let's get you home."


        Sailor Moon reappeared in front of the others.

        "So what was that all about?" Luna asked.

        "He-" Sailor Moon began, appearing to be in shock.

        "He what?" Amy asked.

        "-was dreamy!" Sailor Moon finished, collapsing into a
fantasizing 'heart-eyes' state.

        Luna and Amy looked at each other and sweatdropped.

        Arby chuckled in a snake-like manner.

        Terra just continued smiling...

[End Chapter 3.]


[Sailor Sez]

"Today, we learned that if you're cute..."

<Scene of a young Terra apologizing to Queen Serenity>

"...you can get away with ANYTHING!!!"

<Scene of a monster blasting away at the Moon Kingdom>

<Scene of Chibi-Usa turned Black Lady blasting the Senshi>

<Scene of Tomoe Hotaru removing Chibi-Usa's heart crystal>

<Scene of Sailor Chibi-Chibi-Moon>

"So, remember: Cuteness isn't a natural trait. It's a survival tactic.
Sailor Chibi-Nuke sez. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!"